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Company Vision

As in other international cities, the development of the Taipei Metropolitan Area, together with a corresponding rapid growth in population and vehicles, has given rise to many traffic issues in Taipei City. The construction and operation of a mass rapid transit system for Taipei has proven to be a good solution to this long-existing traffic problem, for it improves the flow of traffic lines, revitalizes the proper functioning of the city and promotes the re-development of the inner city and satellite towns. The Taipei Metro system has eleven lines: Wenshan-Neihu Line, Tamsui Line, Zhonghe Line, Xindian Line, Banqiao Line, Nangang Line, Tucheng Line, Luzhou Line, Xinzhuang Line, Xinyi Line and Xiaonanmen Line. These form the network of the Taipei Metro system and in cooperation with other means of public transport, have provided the people of Taipei with a comprehensive and convenient public transport network.

With its mission of "Providing a Safe, Reliable, Cordial, and High-Quality Transportation Service" to travelers, and its management philosophy of "Customers Come First and Quality Above All," the Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation, with the support of other forms of public transportation, has helped to create a comprehensive transportation network that adheres to the "spirit of humanistic transportation." Moreover, it has created both a high-quality corporate management system and a strong financial planning and management system; in doing so, it has also enthusiastically engaged in the promotion of subsidiary enterprises and other reinvestment businesses for business diversification.

In addition to embarking on its continuous pursuit of improvement in the field of transportation services, the Taipei Metro System, thanks to the support of community resources, has built a lively, elegant new culture for rapid transit. In the future, it will continue upgrading its service quality and improving its facilities in response to people's needs. By enthusiastically participating in international academic activities, the Taipei Metro System will establish its benchmarking learning channels for all-round best practices, dedicate itself to achieving the goal of zero accidents, and strive to fulfill the vision of "Taipei Metro, First Class in the World." In doing so, it not only aims to ameliorate the Taipei City citizens' quality of life but also assist the Taipei City Government in making Taipei a healthy, international city.

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